About Us

Proudly Now Celebrating 13 Years

Ecosystems of Hawaii, Inc. was started as a home-based business as an extension of my family's business, started nearly 20 years ago on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. I started designing these ecosystems in Colorado in 2004 and now in California since 2011.

Originally I sold sold my products in gift shops and flower shops as an alternative to more traditional gifts and it was well received.

After being approached by a few promoters we were convinced to try offering direct to the public at Art and Craft shows in Colorado, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Until now that was the only way to purchase these unique systems. After many request from our customers we have decided to offer our products online as well as arts and craft shows.
You can also order ahead and pick up at the show. Custom pieces are available upon request.

Now, about these very special shrimp and their environments. They are found naturally in the anchialine pools in Hawaii. They are herbivores and they only reach about 1/2 " in size at maturity. Like all living creatures they have personalities and will change color from clear to bright red depending on how they are feeling. Most people do become attached to them. We are told that the little guys make them happy. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Over the past 11 years I have loved seeing the joy that these creations bring to my customers. Popular spots are office desks and cubes, kitchens, bathrooms, and special shelves or nooks around the house. Hopefully you have seen one somewhere as they tend to live for quite some time. If not we have something in almost every price range so you can enjoy one of your own.

We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you something that you will enjoy showing your friends and family. Please allow at least three weeks for special orders as all systems are hand made.


Various Fan Corals from around the world

Vintage Black Coral from Maui


 Rare Sea Whip Coral